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The Virginia Beach Genealogical Society was founded in 1983 near the site of the first landing of the Jamestown colonists at Cape Henry. Although some members are primarily interested in local genealogy, most of the Society’s membership, like the city of Virginia Beach itself, is drawn from both civilian and military families who have come here to live. As a result, this is a group with far-flung areas of research interest.

The Virginia Beach Genealogical Society was established for:

  • Aiding individuals in genealogical research and compiling family histories.
  • Providing lectures and instruction on how best to do genealogical research.
  • Promoting an interest in genealogy throughout the community.

VBGS 2020 Officers: Front row: Peg Niedholdt, Barbara, Murray, Linda Brown, Wendy Bransom, Brian Baldwin; Back row: Bob Bruce, Bobbie Brenton, Jo Given, Rachel Greenberg

2020 VBGS Board Members

President: Wendy BransomTreasurer: Rachel Greenberg
Vice President: Jo Ann GivenPast President: Craig Fenton
Secretary: Bob BruceMembers at Large:
Brian Baldwin, Bobbie Brenton, Peg Niedholdt, Linda Brown

Committees, Groups, and Other Contacts

Publicity Committee: Barbara Murray, chair
Newsletter Editor: Wendy Bransom
Social Committee: Debby Christian, chairAdministrator: Bobbie Brenton
Computer User Group: Linda Brown, chairWebmaster: Carmen Cross
How-To Group: Heather Wright, chair
Writer’s Group: Carol Johnson, chair

To contact anyone without an email address, write the administrator at vbgslady@gmail.com.

For more information on the committees and groups Click here

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