Here are many of the resources shared at meetings, including forms and information.
Maybe something can be of help to you!

Checklists and Logs
Research Checklist – word doc
a list of sources to search
Date based research log – pdf
simple form to help track where you’ve looked
Repository information form – jpeg
build your search list before your visit
Organizing Paper Files (Jul 2020 Coffee Hour)pdf
tips and strategies for organizing your paper files
Organizing Digital Files (Jul 2020 Coffee Hour)pdf
tips and strategies for organizing your digital files
Visiting Repositories and Homelands
Planning Offline Research – word doc
tips for planning prior to visiting libraries, courthouses, etc.
The Swem Library at William & Mary (Dec 2019 Monthly Meeting) – pdf
information for visiting and using the library
Planning a Genealogy Trip (Jul 2020 Coffee Hour)pdf
tips and guidelines for planning a trip (Europe focus)
DNA Basics for Genealogy (Jul 2020 Coffee Hour)pdf
simple DNA explanation and tips for using DNA in genealogy
Foreign Languages
Foreign Language in Genealogical Research (Aug 2020 Coffee Hour)pdf
strategies for deciphering foreign language documents
Translating German records (Aug 2020 Coffee Hour) pdf
tips and examples for German language records
General Research and Information
Free Land – Homesteading on the Frontier (Jan 2021 Monthly Meeting) – pdf
Dig into your pioneering ancestors’ lives moving West.
Digitizing Old Media (Nov 2020 Computer User Group) – pdf
converting VHS tapes and DVDs and scanning photos and slides
Your Ancestors on Judge Judy (Oct 2020 Monthly Meeting) – pdf
Using Virginia Chancery Records
Geography & Genealogy – (Sept 2020 Monthly Meeting) – pdf
Using Maps and Geography for Genealogy
FamilySearch (Sept 2020 Computer User Group)pdf1 pdf2
Beth Zondler, Stake Temple and Family History Consultant, presenter
18th and 19th Century Medical Terms – pdf
medical term definitions
Writers Group
Preparing Your Writing for Sharing (Jun 2020) – word doc
tips and guidelines for finishing a piece
Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) (May 2020) – word doc
GPS and citations overview
Keeping On (Apr 2020) – word doc
finding a focus and developing your piece
Getting Started (Mar 2020) – word doc
picking a topic and writing advice
How-To Group
U. S. Federal Census Records (Jan 2021) – pdf
An overview of available census records from the U. S. government and where to find them
Use and Sync your Google Drive (Nov 2020) – pdf
how to navigate Drive and set it up as a cloud backup system
Sources (Nov 2020) – pdf
a don’t be scared of sourcing guide, this does not go into the details of proper formatting for different sources
Getting Started (Oct 2020) – pdf
tree storage options, back-up systems, organizing files (touched on, see Organization above for more)
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