Past Meetings & Events

Past Meetings & Events

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2020 Events
30 July: Planning a Genealogy Trip Coffee Hour (via Zoom) – Debby Christian discussed the tips she learned when planning a trip to Slovakia and Croatia.
21 July: DNA Basics for Genealogy Coffee Hour (via Zoom) – Heather Wright discussed Y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal DNA and how each can be used in genealogical research. She also discussed how to read these tests.
14 July: DAR Coffee Hour (via Zoom) – Members from the Princess Anne County Chapter NSDAR was available to answer questions and provided helpful information about becoming a member.
9 July: Inaugural Coffee Hour (via Zoom) – Heather Wright and Wendy Bransom discussed strategies to keep your digital and non-digital genealogy files organized.
22 June: VBGS Writer’s Group (via Zoom) – Writers’ guide to getting articles ready for a newsletter.
>11 June: VBGS Monthly Meeting (via Zoom) – “Ask the Wife,” Diahan Southard.
28 May: VBGS Writer’s Group (via Zoom) – “Genealogy Proof Standard and Citations,”Pauline “Peg” Niedholdt.
18 May: VBGS Computer User Group (via Zoom) – New (2020) Lisa Louise Cooke video, “Genealogist’s Google Search Methodology.”
14 May VBGS Monthly Meeting (via Zoom) – Researching Family History Without the Internet, Wendy Bransom. This presentation was given on August 20, 2019, at the Marian Manor University and has been updated.
9 April – Timelines in Genealogy: A Valuable Tool and Definitely Worth the Time, Diane L. Richard. Participants learned how to create complex and annotated timelines to help solve genealogical problems.
12 March – Medicine in Early Virginia, Dr. Richard Brown.
13 February – Who’s Your Daddy: Using YDNA to Solve Non-Paternal Events, Kelly McMahon Willette, CG. Kelly tracked down two direct-line males to help solve non-paternal events, one from 1743 and one from 1829 from Surry County, Virginia.
23 January – VBGS annual banquet, 50 guests enjoyed visiting each other and talking all things genealogy! Our speaker, Dr. Stephen S. Mansfield, reflected on why, and from where, people have come to Virginia’s “least-known, least visited county” that has become Virginia’s most populous community.
15 January – DNA clustering using the Leeds Method, Computer User Group led by Craig Fenton.
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