Membership Scholarship

The Society will provide a limited number of scholarships each year. These scholarships will be for a one-year membership (January to December) in the Society. Scholarships will be given for either an individual or household membership. Individuals may request a scholarship by completing an application and a renewal or new member application and mailing to the VBGS Scholarship Fund. The confidential applications will be considered by the Treasurer and one other Board member appointed by the President. Criteria to be considered will include need and apparent interest in genealogy by the applicant. Any applicant can only receive two scholarships in a five-year period. The number of scholarships to be given in a year will be determined by the Board based on available funds.

A Scholarship Fund may be established by the Board to allow donations to a dedicated fund to support the Scholarships.

If you would like to apply for a Membership Scholarship, download and submit an application. (pdf or docx)

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