2020 Banquet

VBGS 2020 Annual Banquet

The annual banquet for January 23, 2020 was a great success at Honey Bee Golf Club.  We must thank all of our wonderful volunteers: Bob Bruce, Wendy Bransom, Jo Given, Barbara Murray, Debby Christian, Bobbie Brenton, Brenda Bunting, Craig Fenton, Diane Fenton, Rachel Greenberg, Max and Linda Brown, Kate Sandoval, Jackie Alcorn and Joy Phillips.  The 50 guests enjoyed visiting each other during the social hour while browsing through the 20 drawing items.  Dr. Mansfield did a very interesting talk about early Virginia Beach.  He enjoyed signing his book ” Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach” for Beverly Tickell who had won the drawing for it.  We enjoyed hearing what the board and committees had accomplished in 2019.  The new board members elected were Wendy Bransom for President, Bob Bruce for Secretary and Members-at-Large Linda Brown and Brian Baldwin.  We loved Star Spangle Catering’s buffet.  We really enjoyed the desserts made by Kate Sandoval, Margaret Anthony, Annalee Gregory, Belinda Asmussen, Cindy Meier, Debby Christian and June Martin.  We thank Kate Sandoval for the wonderfully delicious cake she made for everyone.

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