VBGS Member Lending Library

VBGS Member Lending Library

Yet another perk to being a VBGS member!

Do you have media (books, magazines, newsletters, etc.) you don’t mind lending out or performing look-ups for other members? Or are you having trouble finding certain items?
……………………………….This is the place for you!

Below you’ll find items fellow VBGS members have or are looking for. Use the below form to submit your items and/or requests.

NOTE: all sharing is done between members, the VBGS is only involved in making the connection.

Use these links to jump to the forms below:
Submit items for either list.
Request a loan or look-up.

Items available
(if there is an ISBN, use it to look up more info on the item)

Titlemedia typeISBN (if available) owneravailable to lend and/or for look-ups

Items searched for

Titlemedia typeISBN (if available)seeker

Submit your request. When you make a request, VBGS will forward your message to the owner of the item. It is between VBGS members to make any and all arrangements for loans and look-ups.

Submit your listing. To add items you own and are willing to loan or perform look-ups on and/or items you are in search of, use this form.

Loans & Look-ups – (you are willing to lend other VBGS members or perform look-ups)

Items being searched for – (what you are looking for)

More than one item to offer or are looking for?

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